Fenwicks FS-10 Bike Cleaner 1L


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SKU: 080801

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  • 1 X 1000ml Bottle

  • 1 X 1000ml Bottle

Fenwick's FS-10 Bike Cleaner is a unique complex blend of biodegradable liquid raw materials that leaves surfaces exceptionally clean and uncontaminated. No other cleaner comes close to its ability to clean safely.

Engineered at a sub-nano molecular level FS-10 contains no solid particles of any size that would otherwise drop out or be left behind after cleaning and rinsing.

The Fenwick's FS-10 Bike Cleaner does not contain: Caustics acids solvents metasilicates abrasives or silicon

FS-10 is safe to use on: Shock units disc brakes aluminium steel carbon fibre composites plastics decals rubber and leather.